Jointing Motar

MAGNICRETE - MAGNIJOINT is a ready to use, polymer modified high strength thin jointing mortar for laying AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks etc. It is the preferred choice for building masonry units where the joint thickness is reduced from 12~18 mm in conventional application and optimized to 3 mm, improving the quality of construction many folds.

Thin-Joint blockwork enables wall masonry to be built very quickly without having to wait the conventional 24 hours for the mortar to set before further loading can be applied. MAGNIJOINT starts to set within 5 minutes of application and approaches full design strength in just 1 to 2 hours. This enables blockwork to be built extremely quickly.

MAGNIJOINT is easily mixed on site by adding the appropriate quantities of water. It is applied with a proprietary scoop or Notch Trowel, which will create a consistent joint thickness of 3 mm.

MAGNIJOINT application is best suited for Aerated Autoclave blocks (AAC Blocks), Cement Mortar Blocks, Bricks, Cellular/ Solid concrete blocks and Fly Ash Bricks. For Clay Bricks Thick Bed Jointing Mortar is available on demand.

Areas of Application:

  • • Laying and jointing of fly ash bricks, cement block,hollow blocks, AAC block etc.
  • • Jointing of pre-stressed concrete slabs, panels.
  • • Parapet walls
  • • Jointing of cement window and door frames.
  • • Garden and boundary walls.

Features and Benefits:

  • • Magnijoint is Pre-mixed and ready to use. Only water is to be added at site.
  • • Economical. Ease of mix and much faster to apply and thus Eliminates lengthy and cumbersome inaccurate process of site mixing.
  • • Transport and storage of all individual materials in Site Mixing is avoided.
  • • Thin layer application results in structure being compact.
  • • No water curing is required after application.
  • • Highly water resistant and hence chances of water percolation is negligible.
  • • High Bond Strength: Special polymers imparts high adhesion strength increasing the durability of masonry.
  • • No Shrinkage Cracks: Water retention properties reduces the shrinkage cracks.
  • • High Thermal Insulation: Thin joint prevent transfer through walls.
  • • Ease of mixing and application of the mortar.
  • • Higher tensile strength between masonry blocks.
  • • Negligible Wastage & Higher Coverage.
  • • 3 mm joint thickness leads to faster and economical application.
  • • Eco friendly product. Raw materials are processed, reducing the chances of Efflorescence.
  • • Reduces the thickness of subsequent application. “MAGNIPLAST” can be applied as low as 6-12 mm with all the properties and durability

MAGNICRETE (a brand of Somani Ecobuild Products LLP)