MAGNICRETE-MAGNISEAL is Cement based, Single component, Polymer modified, Flexible, Elastomeric Waterproof Coating - for Concrete and Masonry surfaces. MAGNISEAL is available as a dry powder, and is to be mixed with water before use. It is grey in color and easily applied by brush or sprayed by spray machines.

Areas of Application:

  • • Terrace Water proofing
  • • Sloping Roofs and Chajjas
  • • Plastered masonry
  • • External walls
  • • Overhead and underground water tanks
  • • Swimming pools
  • • Toilets & Bathrooms
  • • Basements
  • • Tunnels, Canals & dams etc.

Features and Benefits:

  • • Heavy duty waterproof coating system on new and existing surfaces.
  • • Forms flexible and washable membrane soon after application
  • • Highly effective for Positive & negative sides of waterproofing
  • • Water Impermeability against Hydrostatic pressure: 5-7 Bar
  • • Negative impermeability: 1.5 Bar
  • • Effectively seals all existing cracks in the surface .Crack Bridging Capability : 0.5mm
  • • Strong adhesion with all Cementitious surfaces including China chips.
  • • Non-flammable and Non-Toxic, hence suitable for types of water retaining structures.
  • • Ease of handling, mixing & application.
  • • Freedom from fungus/ moss, improved life of finishing coats and aesthetics.
  • • MAGNISEAL being Single component, does not require mixing of two or more components at site, thus ensuring accuracy and proper quality. Only water is to be added before use and mixing can be done with stirrer, resulting in considerable saving of time and labour.
  • • Ease of application – Being Brush applied the product is Do-It-Yourself (DIY) type.
  • • Dual benefits of water proofing and crack bridging.
  • • No additional dead load on the structure after application.
  • • Flexible coating and hence can be used in niche, corners (geometries) and vertical surfaces.
  • • The surface is ready for any subsequent application within 48 Hrs.
  • • Normally No Curing is required after application. However, if the application is subjected to direct sunlight in summer it is advisable to cover the surface and sprinkle water above it after one hour of application.

MAGNICRETE (a brand of Somani Ecobuild Products LLP)